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Oct 3, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. >> what is your estimate of the number of people who descend upon each debate city for these? from the campaigns, the media, the commission, the total? >> a very good question. probably approximates what happens at the national convention. we have about 3700 registered media here. that is the largest contention. we have several hundred people in the audience, and in the campaign staff, their entourage. i would say in total is probably close to that. also, people who come here to be a part of the atmosphere, to be a part of some of the activities going around, occurring around town in connection with the debate. probably approximately 10,000 people. in terms of a very large convention that a city would host, it is not that big, but the extraordinary difference, the entire international press corps and all the press corps of united states is here and will be broadcasting live tonight from denver. >> 92 students get to sit in the hall. who else is in there? how many? >> tickets are divided between the two campaigns. i cannot remember the exact number in the audience here. it is at lea
Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
with our city and county government. i am convinced kentucky's future is better than it might at first appear because of the quality of people and their willingness cooperate and move us in the direction of common good. if i was a betting man, i would get some money on kentucky and our capacity to get this turned around at a higher rate of speed. ex-president john allen roush, thank you very much for your time and for your information -- >> president john allen roush. >> thank you for the job that you and c-span do. >> back to phone calls. we'll be here until 8:30 eastern time and then you'll get an opportunity to see inside the hall and the last half-hour of preparations. you will get an insider's view tonight on this network. lisa is watching us in ohio. the question is, does the vice presidential pick matter, and if so, why? what do you think of this year's election? >> i think the vice presidential pick matters. paul ryan is a tea party advocate. that is what has inspired me. these kids think there should be a free ride to power, they think they should not have to pay taxes. everyb
Oct 16, 2012 7:00pm EDT
in kansas city, kansas. caller: hello. i am an african-american and republican. my question is this. what percentage of the factdential candidates' is and or fiction. how much does the president -- the candidates rely on the voters' ability and willingness to research what is said to them in front of and behind the camera. >> thank you. here are some facebook comments. mr. romney -- >> back to telephone calls. next up is from utah, an independent. caller: obama one time talked about his tax policy following jesus christ. where much is given, much is required. that deals with individuals. much is given social, spiritual, economic well-being. jesus christ's tax policy is tiding, where everybody pays 10%. i was wondering if he still believes in following tjesus christ as follows the tax policy goes. >> what would you ask? caller: i have an issue i have seen in the past. both parties, republican and democrat. neither one to me has on one thing about it the main issue is that it is a wrong doing for our veterans to go fight these wars for us to provide us with everything we have today and our
Oct 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
happened they can -- and of those have been dedicated to debate city. there is controlled access in and out of there, but the rest of the campus is wide open. the media filing center finds themselves there. we have msnbc, cnn, span, and everyone has their stand ups going on. students have been engaging with them all day. >> is this what you have been expecting? >> this is what we have heard about. you're not really sure until you see it. we knew there was a building sense of anticipation. when you have set a halt in this best be, you wonder if everyone will show up. what they have done in great numbers, do not know -- the campus here are incredibly dedicated. people pricked themselves into to try to make it work. we have been smooth all day. i have been pleased with comments about the hospitality, and i was walking over here a moment ago, and he said will you do this again? i said let's get to thanksgiving before we figure this out. >> not only is this the center of the political universe, but florida is one of the few battleground states, so you are seeing it from all ends. >> that was not
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4